A Great way to live and enjoy Vancouver.

Vancouver is an important destination for students and young professionals and 80% of them in a certain moment start to look to have the experience of a shared accommodation with roommates.
Rightway Accommodation Services is a provider of concierge style furnished shared accommodation in the city of Vancouver. We appeal to professionals who arrive to Vancouver with working holiday visa and have a need for a well managed shared accommodation to live for a term of 3 - 18 months.

What makes us to be so good at what we do ?

It’s the cookie cutter system that we created and apply at each one of our properties . 

Unlike most shared accommodations in Vancouver which are dirty, noisy and have little to no emphasis on the safety of tenants, our system ensures we can provide something unique in the Vancouver rental market:  A safe, clean and quiet shared accommodation. 

Why complicate things?
To put it simply, our business is all about being attentive to your needs keeping a sharp eye on the property. Our main priority is that you feel safe and comfortable with roommates who respect your privacy and are committed to keeping the house in a clean and inviting manner.
We are confident that we offer the best option for furnished shared accommodations in the market of Vancouver. If this sounds like something that may interest you, contact us today to hear what options we have available for you.


Comfort and security:

How we work:


  • Long Term lease.

  • R4S doesnt charge any percentage to the owners. 

  • Less headaches: R4S provides basic maintainance, The owner's assistance will be requested only if is a major maintainance or repair, for example malfunction of electronic devices or bathroom fan. 

  • Monthly inspection: R4S visits the property once a month.

  • R4S works with major educational institutions, it allows the company to pre-screen the prospects.


  • Videos and photos are taken in order to assure the conditions on how te property will be return. 

  • We work with agents, educational institution, and companies that request our support to offer a clean place.

  • All the international professionals are pre-screened before. Also they all sign rules and behavior policies for the accommodation.

  • R4S Visits the property at least once a month to check the conditions.