Type of Rooms

Every month we receive from owners and acting landlord different rooms options. 

(Please note that prices vary depending in different factors such us house location, size, number of people etc)

TYPE 1: Modified Den (CAD$550 to CAD$750.) 

A modified Den is a great choice for whoever wants to have a large private space but save money.

TYPE 2: Single Rooms (CAD$650 to CAD$850.) (Downtown Prices $950 to CAD$1250)

A single room is usually for people that really needs to have their private space. Usually is rented by young professionals or mature students that are staying in Vancouver for more than 6 months.

TYPE 3: Couple Rooms (CAD$850 to CAD$1200.) 

It is a doble occupancy room, perfect for a couple that is looking to save some money.


Generally is furnished with a double or queen size bed, desk, and closet area. 


It is comfortable, provides privacy and it has the option to have lock on the door.







TYPE 4: Solariums (CAD$800 to CAD$900. Only available in High rise buildings) 

A solarium is generally available in modern apartments in Downtown of Vancouver. It is a Single occupancy option that provides privacy, view and great location.


Generally is furnished with a single bed and a small closet. 


It is a small but comfortable space perfect for people who rents this option usually don't care about size, it is all about location and apartment conditions. Also the closet area is limited if you have lots of luggage is better to get a type 2 room.







TYPE 5: Den (CAD$625 to CAD$675.) 

A Den is generally available in apartments in Downtown of Vancouver. It is a Single occupancy economic option with great location.

Generally is furnished with a single bed, small night table and closet is outside the room space. 


It is a very small space with NO WINDOWS. People who rents this option usually don't stay at home much, they are busy with their schedule and use the space at night to sleep. It is a great option to save money and have a location. If you are have lots of luggage and you are looking to save some money we suggest to look for Type 1 option.

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